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Most of our organizations have distributed islands of power, achieved through years of Adhoc expansion and/or family business style management that resulted in silos that are anti-productive and limit collaboration across various functional business units.

Bridging functions enhances integration and collaboration and affects the bottom-line business KPIs. This seminar presents the PMI Snyder Award-Winning Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework, which breaks organizational silos.

Very few organizations do not yet suffer from silos, since there are six factors that directly impact breaking silos, and not all are implemented in each organization. What increased the challenge is the latter social distancing that physically set barriers for extended periods of time between workers, shifting most communication to web collaboration tools. Although it seems social distancing apparently increases silos, a visit to these six factors might reveal just the contrary.

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Learning Objectives 

  1. The organizational silo challenge defined 
  2. The discovery of The Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework 
  3. The six factors that increase organizational collaboration
  4. The impact of social distancing on breaking organizational silos

Participants earn 1 PMI PDU