About Our CCP Simulation Examination

Our CCP simulation examination has been designed to assist you in preparing for your upcoming examination. Certified Cost Professional (CCP) is a coveted and demanding certification. The 5 hour closed-book continuous 120 multiple choice, compound and scenario questions can be daunting if you are not prepared well. Don’t take a chance, check your readiness for the exam and practice your time management with our exam. The CCP exam will test your knowledge on:

  1. Basic Cost Engineering Skills and Knowledge
  2. Economic Analysis
  3. Project Management
  4. Cost Estimating and Control

You can try demo version here or click here to see all CCP exam we have.

More about this certification from AACE

A CCP is an experienced practitioner with advanced knowledge and technical expertise to apply the broad principles and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, execution and management of any organizational project or program. CCPs also demonstrate the ability to research and communicate aspects of TCM principles and practices to all levels of project or program stakeholders, both internally and externally [Learn more]

Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification